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Ms. Saija Peltomaa

In conversation with Ms. Saija Peltomaa, Peltomaan Parhaat, Finland.

‘I am an organic potato farmer at Peltomaan Parhaat for ten years now and I enjoy my work very much. Besides farming, I also pack potatoes, consult and give expert services to the customers. I continuously develop my work, methods and myself. Finding and learning something new every year is very motivating.

Potato market in Finland

Nowadays, people eat less potatoes. The potato has so many competitors. We have also noticed this change in consumption behaviour in Finland. Consumers want different variations and high quality potatoes and we try to answer that need. In order to this, I believe we need a new way of thinking in the potato industry.

Love for farming

I find my work so interesting and I have a huge love for farming, nature and building the future. Every day I learn more about the way soil works and how I can help it in a natural, sustainable, manner. I know that there is a natural solution for every problem and I want to find all of them. My goal is to have my customers eat chemical free, healthy and tasty potatoes. My favorite variety is Colomba. It tastes so smooth and it is easy to cook. Besides, the Colomba variety is very good to grow.

Future of potatoes

We need innovation and authentic tasty potatoes. Though potatoes are not unhealthy, I think customers want even more healthy potatoes. HZPC strives to meet this demand by developing new promising varieties. Good cooperation is one of the most important things within the potato chain. Luckily, if I need any help, I can always ask HZPC Finland.’