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Retail Fresh, innovating together for the modern consumer

In all countries where supermarkets are, we are. To keep consumers for the future, it is crucial to know what they want. We know for instance that the modern consumer makes a choice for health, taste and convenience. In close cooperation with our partners in the business chain, we develop innovative products and marketing concepts that meet these demands. This way we aim to add value in our cooperation with packers and retailers.

The best varieties
Of course our number one priority is the production of good potatoes. Our sector breeder is always searching for the best varieties. Improvements are being made in the field of disease and drought resistance, storability and shelf life but also when it comes to taste and health aspects. Facts that are not only important for the grower and packer, but also for the consumer.

Healthy and sustainable
Potatoes are healthy, tasty and sustainable. Unfortunately many (younger) consumers are not aware of these aspects and therefore we have to keep promoting the fresh potato by pointing out its positive qualities!